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Our Services

•  English as a second language  •
 Residential and Holiday Tutors   
•  Academic Advice & Counselling  • School Placement  • School Entrance Examinations  • 
  •  US & International Curriculums  •
University Applications  
•  All Languages  •

•  Adult Learners  •

How it works

No computer skills are needed to participate; our tutors do all of the work through screen-sharing!

After setting up the call and providing pens and paper, parents are free to leave the room!

Step 1: Fill in the contact form

We will contact you directly, to find out about the tutee's personality, and how to proceed in line with your goals.



Step 2: Meet the tutor

The allocated tutor will organise the first online tutorial on our video platform



Step 3: Bespoke lesson plans 

The tutor will create bespoke weekly lesson plans in line with the tutee's school learning or goals, with the aim of filling knowledge gaps, inspiring confidence, and sharing real-world wisdom.

Step 4: Progress & rewards! 

Tutors will give direct feedback, and tutees will have opportunities to earn themselves prizes for their progress, such as exclusive Reach merchandise and other real-life rewards.  

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