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Reach was founded in 2019 by Oxford University graduate and tutor Nicole Rayment-Silva (right), with a drive for making learning enjoyable.

Our team is committed to inspiring education through a refreshed model of one-to-one support, and going beyond the curriculum. We thoroughly believe in the importance of well-rounded students' academic potential.

The Reach methodology has been developed thanks to years of our team's experience and research, which uses innovative techniques and strategies to maximise young students' academic potential.

Nicole studied Modern Languages and has a wide range experience working in luxury fashion and law (Giorgio Armani), journalism (Vogue Paris), and digital marketing (Koru Kids), before being drawn back to education.


Jessica Voicu (left), also an Oxford Graduate, joined Nicole as a co-founder, bringing with her five years experience in education, six languages, and a passion for holistic learning.

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